The Not-So-Smooth Journey to Motherhood

We often hear stories that are sugar coated about how beautiful and inspiring motherhood can be. We can always blame movies for portraying that false sense of motherhood. Okay, that’s one side of the story. However, in reality, that isn’t exactly the case since our lives are very much different from the Hollywood scene. Oh yeah, it can get brutal. Here are probably some things you have not heard about when carrying a little one.


No one really tells you how often you have to urinate. Yes, that includes making frequent trips to the comfort room. This can be somewhat annoying especially if you’re trying to get something done like the groceries. Oh, and did we mention feeling extra gassy? When you’re pregnant, don’t be surprised if you find yourself breaking wind from time to time because it’s normal or planning your best shoes for pregnancy. Aside from that, you might be sweating a little more than usual in unusual places like around your face, neck and even between your legs. Blame it on the imbalance of hormones as your body adjusts to giving life to that little thing in your belly. Those are minor things compared to getting haemorrhoids. This happens when a bit of swelling occurs among blood vessels located in the rectal area. Can you imagine something growing out of your butt? Well, not exactly, but it’s a bit of discomfort because they can get painful or itchy at times. Sometimes, it even bleeds. Sorry, if we’ve painted a mental picture already! You might also start experiencing leg cramps during pregnancy.

Nevertheless, all of these symptoms of being pregnant are normal and has happened to every single mother in the world. Now that you cannot unread all of this, go ahead and enjoy what motherhood has in store for you. After all, you’ll never go through an experience quite like the first! If you want to avoid future troubles, your pregnancy should be planned. Things will always flow much smoothly if you’re ready.

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