Embracing Your Battle Scars

We can all agree that stretch marks are one of the ugliest things that can ever happen to a woman’s body during the entire course of a pregnancy. This is why relaxing on the recliner is important. Not too much cooking can help, but using good cookware sets is even better. Make sure to clean the cookware under the faucet after use. Women are naturally more conscious of their body and will want to prevent stretch marks from ever happening. However, if they’ve already got them due to puberty, they will spend more time covering up these areas. Also known as striae gravidarum, these battle scars form when there is sudden weight gain in the body and the skin has trouble adjusting. Within the skin, these collagen fibers and elastin tear apart and as a result, they form scars or stretch marks. You might find yourself asking if your stretch marks are normal.

It occurs in 50-90% of all women. It’s completely normal to find these stretch marks around the arm, hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breast areas. They appear pinkish among light-skinned women and a shade lighter among dark-skinned women. Although these marks won’t do any harm as they come, they are awfully itchy and you might find yourself tempted to scratch them especially if they occur in one or more areas of the body.

If you want to hinder the growth of stretch marks from forming, you might like to try avoiding sudden weight gain, moisturizing your tummy with lotions and/or oils, drinking plenty of water and sticking to a well-balanced diet.

Before you start loathing about this tiny aspect of your body, just remember that these stretch marks resemble the branches of a tree. The tree is one of nature’s most loved plants because aside from it having a strong foundation, it gives life not just to itself but to everyone else around it. This is just one of nature’s ways of telling you that you are that special tree in your baby’s life.

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