Thank You, Mom.

47056331614384a952a12491f8bac158What a rough day; your child is suffering from cold and fever and it just hurts you seeing him in pain. You did the laundry of your playful kids. Dishes were done quickly, and you cleaned the whole house. You have a kid that is sick, chores to do, children to be picked up, and dinner to be made for the whole family plus you need to worry about your children’s safety all day. Multi-tasking is known for mothers.

You gave them everything you have, especially your unconditional love. That’s how your day-to-day picture looks like, except that your child, you hope, isn’t in pain every day. Tiring day every day, but as long as you see your children smile and love you more for what you do, there’s nothing more precious to you than that. Each day of being a mom brings us a great sense of fulfillment that shoos the tired atmosphere away. You will do everything every day without being asked, you do it willingly and proudly because you love them with all your heart and soul.

Now, you know the struggles and perks of being one, the feeling of being a mom. You now know what your mother must have felt and go through when you were young. As she watches you every day and night when you were sick, she will never close her eyes unless you’re not in pain anymore. Every girl is thankful to their moms for being the best role model that they’ll be following when the time comes that it is their turn to be a mom.

Your mother did the same thing; she loved you unconditionally. You know she would give everything she has just to give you the best life you deserve. She would do anything to know that you are safe. Now, it is your time to be your own version of a mom. It is high time to thank your mom for showing you exactly how a good mother should be. To my mom, thank you with all my heart. You’re the best.

The Not-So-Smooth Journey to Motherhood

We often hear stories that are sugar coated about how beautiful and inspiring motherhood can be. We can always blame movies for portraying that false sense of motherhood. Okay, that’s one side of the story. However, in reality, that isn’t exactly the case since our lives are very much different from the Hollywood scene. Oh yeah, it can get brutal. Here are probably some things you have not heard about when carrying a little one.


No one really tells you how often you have to urinate. Yes, that includes making frequent trips to the comfort room. This can be somewhat annoying especially if you’re trying to get something done like the groceries. Oh, and did we mention feeling extra gassy? When you’re pregnant, don’t be surprised if you find yourself breaking wind from time to time because it’s normal or planning your best shoes for pregnancy. Aside from that, you might be sweating a little more than usual in unusual places like around your face, neck and even between your legs. Blame it on the imbalance of hormones as your body adjusts to giving life to that little thing in your belly. Those are minor things compared to getting haemorrhoids. This happens when a bit of swelling occurs among blood vessels located in the rectal area. Can you imagine something growing out of your butt? Well, not exactly, but it’s a bit of discomfort because they can get painful or itchy at times. Sometimes, it even bleeds. Sorry, if we’ve painted a mental picture already! You might also start experiencing leg cramps during pregnancy.

Nevertheless, all of these symptoms of being pregnant are normal and has happened to every single mother in the world. Now that you cannot unread all of this, go ahead and enjoy what motherhood has in store for you. After all, you’ll never go through an experience quite like the first! If you want to avoid future troubles, your pregnancy should be planned. Things will always flow much smoothly if you’re ready.

How to Make for Your Baby Hygienic, Tasty Food

Babies can be given little amount of solid food when they turn four to six months old. You can give them both homemade and jarred food or a mixture of them but it is safer to make their food yourself as hygiene is assured and money is saved as well. As a mother, I also suggest that you give them homemade food by preparing it yourself. You only have to know what foods your baby eats and which ones he or she should not. Choose ripe and fresh produce that is also organic and go on with it.

Making Baby food can be a new experience and you may need to know more about the equipment you should use and the steps you should follow to make it. Here’s how to.

Equipment Suggested

When it comes to making baby food, you will find a variety of ways to make it and several electric or nonelectric equipments to make it in. For example, you can go for the All in One Baby Food Maker that is a perfect and easy gadget. It first steams the fruit, vegetable or meat you put in then makes its puree. Purees are the most suitable form of food for babies of the age of four to six months as they do not have teeth but can swallow it. This baby food maker also had the facility of heating or frosting the food you make, although you should not refrigerate the leftovers, not unless you properly cover them. There is also a nonelectric food grinder which is portable and inexpensive; it breaks down food into chunks although does not give a choice of textures. While what we call the Hand Turned Food Mill comes with different kinds of blades that cut the food in smaller chunks and in different textures; parents love it as it is both portable and easy to use.

You can also use your food processor or blender that you regularly use in the kitchen if it is clean and free of any smell. Besides, there are many hand blenders that can be utilized for your purpose. If not these equipment then you are free to simply use a fork and a container to mash fruits or vegetables and then puree them some other way.

How to make Baby Food

Until the baby is seven or eight months old, I suggest you only give them single ingredient food. As said above, you can puree it or mash it in a container. Here’s what you should exactly do.

  • Wash the fruit or vegetable and peel any skin off of it.
  • Before steaming them, cut or chop them into pieces not bigger than an inch.
  • Steam the food for five to ten minutes until it becomes soft.
  • Puree that steamed food in a food processor until you get a smooth texture.
  • If you are cooking meat, make sure you cook it to the correct internal temperature so that no bacteria are left.
  • Finally, strain the pureed food through a strainer to exclude any chunks of food left.

Avocado puree

Following these instructions, you can make any puree like Avocado puree or Strawberry puree, only if your baby likes it.

Some other things you need to take care of is the temperature of the food; it should not be more than room temperature, do not add extra sugar, honey or corn syrup, stir the food properly if you microwave it and if refrigerated, shift them into plastic bags from the containers when frozen. When using the frozen food, defrost it over night in warm water and there you go, you can now use it.