Taking Care of Yourself Postpartum

For us mommies, our babies become our top priority from day one. We not only give life to our kids but also have to double as their nanny, housekeeper, chef, launderer, nurse, doctor, counsellor, referee, coach, psychologist, tutor, and number one fan. Taking good care of our children is a fulltime job, and to do this well, we must first take good care of ourselves.

Eat Healthy

This is not new information, but you should never disregard this. One of the reasons I was so excited to give birth was because I could finally eat whatever I want, whenever I want without affecting the baby inside me. Boy, was I wrong. After I gave birth, I still had to watch what I ate because I was breastfeeding my kids. When they grew up, I had to keep plenty of fruits and vegetables in my plate because I had to be a good role model to my children. Of course, it goes beyond this. Being a mother to three kids required a lot of energy; I could not afford to get sick. I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables which boosted my immune system and gave me a lot of energy so I could run around, play, and spend a lot of time with my kids.

Rest and Relaxation

When I first brought my eldest child home, I tried to accommodate every visitor who wanted to congratulate me and see the new bundle of joy. I immediately tried to play the perfect host. For your own sanity, please don’t do this. I ended up tired, cranky, and with a very short stick of patience left. When you’re a new mother, rest as much as you can. The baby will already take up a lot of your time and energy. Don’t worry, your visitors will understand if you need some time catching up on your sleep. No one expects you to be on your feet right away. If you need it, ask for help. Your partner or other family members will be very willing to help you care for the baby while you catch up on much deserved time for yourself. Take a few deep breaths a couple of times a day. Remember, no one is judging you for being human so don’t be afraid to admit that you need help in raising your baby into as perfect a person as you could.

Baby Blues

Babies are one of the greatest blessings. Their smiles could brighten your day and their laugh could be the sweetest melody to hit your ears. However, many mothers feel sad, weepy, and overwhelmed after childbirth. Hormonal changes, anxiety about the baby, and the lack of sleep and rest could affect you emotionally. Be patient with yourself and understand that these are all normal. If, however, you feel the sadness for more than two weeks, then it may be time to see a doctor or a psychiatrist and ask about postpartum depression. Remember that there is no reason to be embarrassed or guilty about this. Let the doctors help you enjoy and bond with your new baby.

Motherhood is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Although it has its tough moments, the love between a mother and her children is ineffable. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy 🙂

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