Cool Ideas on Study Areas for Kids’ Room

study area for kids

My daughter likes to write and read a lot so I want her to have a comfortable study area so she appreciates them even more. Living in a condo doesn’t give me much choice but just a small table and chair for her. A bit of decoration and girly touches I know it’ll be an […]

Fun Family Day With One Hyundai Club

Gymboree playdate

Buying and owning a car is a milestone for any family who’s just starting out. For most family, it’s one of their major investment so the process of selecting a family car is tedious as it should pass several issues such as budget, functionality and after sales service. My husband and I are planning to […]

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time

Adventure Time Jake

I didn’t know anything who Finn & Jake were until Peaches couldn’t stop talking about them and so I decided to sit down with her and watch Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. Honestly, I’m glad I did It’s an original animated series from Cartoon Network and the main characters were Finn and Jake. They’re best friends and they […]

Pois Belly & Kids Store: New Dig For Preschooler Wear

PBK - Baby Blue Stripes Spaghetti Straps with Ribbon and Ruffles Neck Design P429.75

Having a little girl is so much fun for Moms like myself. It’s like having a live Barbie doll to dress up and pretty-fy. I love buying her cutie and trendy clothes and accessories to wear. The choices however  tend to dwindle as she reaches 3-5 years old. I don’t know why, but the clothes […]

Practicing Positive Parenting


When I was pregnant my husband and I talked about how we will be as parents we both agree that physical punishment is not the ONLY way to discipline a child. We started practicing positive parenting the moment our little girl was born and so far our daughter is growing really well. Don’t get me […]

Invitation: Baby Blast 3 Fun Family Activity At Trinoma

baby blast 3

Mommies! On April 22, 2012 from 10AM to 8PM there will be an awesome baby and family event at Trinoma Mall.  This fun filled event is tagged as Baby Blast Year 3: It’s More Fun in the Family. It’s FREE!!! All you have to do is pre-register. Read on to know how….         […]

Conversations With A PreSchooler

If I were not a WAHM, I would not have  spur of the moment bonding moment with my daughter. Yesterday, I taught Peaches about loving trees and plants around us.  We were watching Dad’s plants and talking about how plants grow and how trees are important and should be given respect because they’ve been here […]

Flowers and Plays


It’s a fact that she’s growing up and having her own likes and dislikes. I’m just happy that she still prefers me (and her Dad) above all things. I love that she gives me flowers from her way home from school. I love that she announces she’s home and looks for me immediately. I love […]

Friendship Starts Young

Friendship on Young Children

This post is inspired by my daughter’s 4-year friendship with her best friend Khia. They started really young when they were barely 2 year olds spending each day together at their playschool. I’m really thankful that Peaches experienced friendship and what it’s worth in such an early age because this will bring her good memories […]

My Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films


          Studio Ghibli Inc, is a Japanese animation company founded in 1985. It’s studio is located at Koganei, Tokyo. My husband and I are cartoon and anime lovers so when we watched My Neighbor Totoro which is a Ghibli Film, we were blown away and got addicted to all Ghibli movies […]

My Daughter’s Many Names and Mine Too

Most of you call it pet names but to me it’s my name for love. I’m referring to the many names we call our loved ones, our children, our friends, etc. In this case, I’m referring to the many names I call my daughter, Peaches. I won’t be shocked that one day she will come […]

Reading Recital


Peaches and her classmates had their reading recital last week and it was so cute and fun to watch the kids sing, dance and finally recite their piece in front of their proud parents. Peaches has been practicing her piece since first week of December and in no time she has mastered it.  It was […]

A Mommy’s Song to her Daughter

No other song (yet) best describes my love for my daughter other than Martina Mcbride’s In my Daughter’s Eyes. It goes like this: Link to this post!

Milestones of a 4-Year Old

4-year old

One of the most fun things about being a Mom is watching your child learn new things and become a person unique to everyone else. There are skills and development that are expected of a 4- year old and I want to make sure that my daughter is of at the same stage. I would […]

Toy Baby Doll Cursing?!

I remember watching Hoda and KL on Today’s Show talking about a baby doll that says “CRAZY BITCH” and I was stunned. Some people think it’s a joke but NO, it’s not and it’s not even funny. And here’s another vid from Toys’ R Us in the US   I don’t know about you people […]