Milo Sports Clinic: 2014 Summer Gymnastics Clinic at Club Gymnastica Pasig


What’s your child doing this summer? We’re not off to somewhere this year so I’ve slated summer activities for Peaches. The important thing when planning for your child’s summer activities is to ask her opinion. Does she want to do swimming or ballet? Does she want art classes or voice lessons? Be sure not to […]

Affordable and Quality Mommy & Baby Products for Pinay Moms- Baby World Products


Finally we know that DJ (in case you don’t know, the little bun in my tumtum is named DJ by our pretty Ate, Ate Peaches) is a girl! After 4 ultrasound, DJ finally showed she’s a girl! So it’s girl power in our house and Troy couldn’t be happier. We all are! So what follows […]

Kumon To Make Your Child Grade One Ready


Is it just me or most Moms are wondering how Grade One lessons these days are waaaayy out of our “old” Grade one lessons? Peaches is turning Grade 1 this coming school year and though I’m confident she’ll go through it with flying colors, I wanted to give her some push in advance. I opted […]

Yaya Chronicles

preparing food

If I’ve started them few months back, I would have created an entire book! Okay just to be clear, I’m not writing this to belittle anyone. I’m writing to share how funny our household helper could get. And how we just laugh it off. Scenario: Me teaching the helper to cook Troy’s favorite beef pares. […]

28 Weeks: Wiggly Baby in My Womb


I’m on my 28th week and our baby DJ has gone from gentle flutter to vigorous kicking and punching. Sometimes (mostly at night) I feel DJ shivering or shaking inside my tummy. At first it was really disconcerting because it was a new feeling for me. I didn’t have any when I was pregnant with […]

What’s Your Family’s 2014 Summer Getaway?


I have a few fun summer activities slated for the family this year. I know I’m pregnant and about to explode but I feel fine and I feel like it shouldn’t stop anyone from having fun. Plus my little girl has been bugging me and her Dad for a beach getaway. So summer getaway it […]

Manage Your Home & Your Family with PLDT Home Bro

PLDT Home Bro

In our home it’s always family first. We’ve come to know this by heart and it has been our guiding principle every single time. As young as our daughter is, we want to show her how important family ties and bonding. I can proudly say that PLDT has helped us achieve this goal. My daughter […]

Out with the Old, In with the Clean: What Every Mom Should Know in 2014

Press Release from Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water Mommy Tips only from Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water  A new year marks a new start. Moms are often the ones most excited about the new season, as it signals another year of memories and milestones for their families. Make it your best year so far with […]

We’re Pregnant!


Finally, after more than a year of trying.. we’re pregnant! It was a long road towards a successful pregnancy for us. A lot of work up with our OB-GYNE and about 10 negative pregnancy tests were all it took. There were times that I wanted to just give up and accept that I’m not going […]

Paranoid Parents or Safety First?

At this point of my young parenthood life, I would say there’s no such thing as paranoid parents. Every parents would want their kids to be safe at all times and we will do anything we could to make that happen. We couldn’t allow even a window of neglect  as much as we can. Here’s […]

Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale 2013


And yes on their 7th year, Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale 2013 will happen on November 1-3, 2013. They are giving upto 70% off your kids’ favorite branded toys! Where: Megatrade Hall 1 & 2 SM Megamall Time: Mall hours (opens at 10AM) Mode of Payment accepted: cash and credit card payments, Toy Kingdom gift cards, SM gift cards, […]

The Little Girl Who Loves Vegetables


Am I lucky or what? My daughter loves to eat her vegetables and raw greenies too like lettuce and cucumber. Fellow Moms would always ask me what my secret was and I always tell them, early exposure to food and be a good role model. I can’t expect a child to learn how to eat […]

Cleaning Services To Hire


Hey, it’s the weekend! If you want to really relax and feel the weekend goodness, stop worrying about your dirty kitchen or the soon to be mushroom infested toilet and bath. Get CMDA Cleaning Service to do all the cleaning for you!   Link to this post!

Front Tooth Gone

Since Saturday, Peaches’ front tooth was loose and she has been asking countless times about her dentist appointment. This kid if you don’t know, loves going to the dentist. She has to have her teeth cleaned every 6 months or else I will be forever bombarded by whining for a dentist trip. So in all […]

Unboxing Our Baby Vision Baby Monitor


Last month, we got our Baby Vision baby monitor camera and we were so excited to use it. We wanted to have one in Peaches’ room to help her sleep better at night, knowing that we can see her from our room. My husband and I often travel alone and we always wanted a way […]