Instructions on Sterilizing Your Baby’s Bottles in Use

During the very first year of their lives, babies are prone to diseases like diarrhoea and thrush because bacteria find it easy to attack their vulnerable immunity system. Therefore, it is ours, moms’ job to keep our babies safe and away from those diseases as much as possible. Providing an environment fully secure is not possible but we can do what we can do. Sterilizing their milk bottles or other bottles is one of the ways to secure safety. Here’s how to do it step by step.

Wash the bottle



Firstly, you have to wash the bottle with soapy water that has not been used before using a brush. Your objective it remove any milk that is dried and left in the corners along with curds so that bacteria do not stick to them. Also, replace the bottle if there is any crack or if the nipple is torn. Be thorough while washing the nipple, turn it inside out to ensure proper cleaning and also wash the cap and ring to which the nipple is attached. Once you are done washing the bottle, rinse out the bottle properly so that no particle of soap remains.


There are various methods to sterilize baby bottles. One can use the electric steam sterilizer that holds up to six bottles at a time and sterilizes as the bottle is placed with its mouth facing downwards. The sterilizer can hold the bottle(s) sterilized for 6 hours.

Microwaves can also be used to sterilize baby bottles. Just start the machine for ninety seconds and done. You can also go for specially designed bottle sterilizers; they take 3 to 8 minutes and the extra cooling minutes. Be careful while opening the lid as they turn hot.

Boiling is another way. Take a pot, boil water in it and submerge the bottle making sure it is of the correct material for boiling water. Cover the lid and let it sterilize for ten minutes.

Cold Water Sterilization can be done by using a sterilizing solution in a lidded plastic container or a special sterilizing bucket. Keep the equipment to be sterilized in the container for half an hour and do read the manufacturer’s instructions if using a sterilizing tablet.

Other Precautions

Disinfect your hands while taking the bottle out from sterilizer before use and clean the inner surface to be used then. Do not take the bottle out of the sterilizer unless it is time to use it.


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