PCOS, Duphaston & OB Gyne Tips

When was your last OB Gyne check up?  I just had my visit last weekend and if it was not for a super delayed period (with 4 negative pregnancy tests), I would have not gone to my OB. I’m 29 and supposedly I have to have at least 1 pap smear a year since I […]

Things to Consider When Building a Farm Shed

Hay Shed

Animals and tractors may not just be your business or investments but also a part of your family because they are the ones who are with you every day at work and help you earn a living. Being part of your extended family, it is important that you provide them with a suitable place to […]

How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa In the Philippines

This post is 1 month overdue but I hope it would still be of help to anyone who’s researching on US Visa for Filipino tourists and families or any aspiring resident of the Philippines. Note: This is strictly for those who wish to visit the US for a holiday/vacation and touristic purposes or for business. […]

Thursday Inspiration


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Daddy Blog: Daddy Tabe!

My husband, Troy, started a blog called Daddy Tabe! Please do give him some love from the blogosphere as he’s new to all these. You’ll find him really funny and you’ll be happy to read his posts. Here’s one I love, Reasons Why You Need A Cat – Reason #1 – Pest Control Link to this […]

Practical Tips On Doing Home Improvement


You do not have to spend a lot of money or time making home improvement repairs. Adding some pictures to the walls, new carpeting or area rugs or even adding fresh, new towels to your kitchen and bathrooms can give you the updated look you want. I hope you will learn some great tips and […]

Ted’s Chronicles


Ted is our pet cat. We rescued Ted from PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) last March 2012 and he has been part of the family ever since. Our friends are all hoomin Mamas and Papas to cute felines and we have great support from them and learned so much about being a responsible hoomin parents […]

Fun Family Day With One Hyundai Club

Gymboree playdate

Buying and owning a car is a milestone for any family who’s just starting out. For most family, it’s one of their major investment so the process of selecting a family car is tedious as it should pass several issues such as budget, functionality and after sales service. My husband and I are planning to […]

Beautiful & Original Song Written By A Beautiful Soul

My childhood friend, whom I’ve seen great talent on writing and song composition, finally launched her music over at Youtube. Saying that it’s long overdue is an understatement but I’m just so happy to hear her voice singing her original songs again. She’s also looking for an arranger who can make great music with her […]

Cook Like A Professional Chef


Do you remember the last time you ate out and wondered how they made such delicious food? Have you tried to recreate these restaurant meals at home? The tips provided in this article will help you figure out how to create your most-loved meals, as well as discover new favorites. Cooking can be a rewarding […]

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time

Adventure Time Jake

I didn’t know anything who Finn & Jake were until Peaches couldn’t stop talking about them and so I decided to sit down with her and watch Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. Honestly, I’m glad I did It’s an original animated series from Cartoon Network and the main characters were Finn and Jake. They’re best friends and they […]

My Personal Stress Busters

My day can be very challenging with all the tasks I juggle plus the household chores I manage. Sometimes I am dead tired by 8pm and can barely lift myself off my work chair. Luckily, I have a personal stress buster who crawls in on top of me and likes to listen to my heartbeat […]

Who’s Ready For School?

They are, I’m not! I still have to hear what the teachers have to say on June 5th and I do have few questions in mind. It’s a huge step for Peaches and I am so afraid that things won’t be as good as I thought it would be. Will there be bullies inside that […]

Awesome Mommy and Baby Product Finds


So finally I have a lot of free time in my hand today! I was inspired to look around for some cute, fancy and functional products that Moms will find super helpful. Some of it might not be fancy but definitely everything will come in handy. 1. Faucet Tap Extender (Aqueduck) Teach your kids the importance of […]

Great Ideas To Help You Deal With Stress


Stress is a part of everyone’s life, but staying stressed out does not have to be. There are always going to be things in your life that you have no control over, but you do have control over your reaction to those things. Being overly stressed not only harms you mentally, it also harms you […]