Three Mompreneurs to be inspired of!

You are probably either a procrastinator or you have not given much thought to entrepreneurship if you find yourself sitting in a chair and still thinking about how to leave the baby alone. Entrepreneurship does not require a free hand all the time if you do what these moms did to become mompreneurs, all while staying the CEO of their household. Read about these three super-mompreneurs who nailed it and be inspired to achieve the desired.

Julie Aigner-Clark

Head_Shot_Aigner_ClarkShe is the stay-at-home mom who made those amazing Baby Einstein videos. Almost all the parents have heard about this line of product and the story of its success over years. This woman with her husband’s support and their initial investment of $18,000 started with the product in 1997. The initial product was a Video Board Book in which a baby Einstein was used pictorially for Language Nursery. I, myself, have seen those Baby Einstein videos and I am sure you will love them! These parents took the opportunity they saw to produce the product that helps in the beginning process of learning for kids. In 1998, the revenues Baby Einstein grew were $1 million and in just a couple of years they went up to $10 million. Then due to the brand’s quality and recognition, the Walt Disney Company bought the product in 2001 for unknown amount. Since then, the value of Julie’s product has multiplied and is heard to be worth $400 million! Julie is now an active speaker and has her own website. It is

Sheila Lirio Marcelo

Sheila_Lirio_Marcelo_headshot-2013Sheila founded her website as an inspiration from herself and as a problem solver to her own problems. As the name of the website suggests, is made for solutions to every problem mothers face regarding caretaking of their children. When Sheila was finding it difficult to look for quality child care solutions she knew that it was not her problem only, and trust me she was right in every aspect. She is a young mother and has two small children; she knew only asking people around for help was not the way to go so she founded in 2006 and it is the largest online care advisory website in the world. 10.7 million Members from across 16 countries look up to it. Not only does Sheila run the website but she is also a speaker, provides leadership training and supports women through every phase of life via her another founded website

Nicole Gleeson

480x960_100_1_c_FFFFFF_1b83e00ea9410b8c112cfc1a83f5e845Nicole’s family is an ambassador family for the March of Dimes because a portion of proceeds of Nicole’s ventures goes to them as one of her babies had gastroschisis. She is a great inspiration for me and should be for other mommy entrepreneurs too. This woman runs the Little Mizz Kit where she provides the visitors with a Kit of five amazing and fun lessons that range from etiquette lessons to dance lessons. She, herself, started little businesses at an early age therefore inspires other girls to do what they want at whatever age they are in.

Inspiration and ideas are infinite! Way to go mompreneurs!