Supermoms:The Multitasking Wonders of Mothers

So many things to do, so little time. At this day, a lot may boast about doing a lot of things altogether like playing different devices and watching the TV, while doing a bunch of homework. But despite everybody multitasking, nobody can argue that among the different kinds of people across all generations, only the mothers have mastered the art of multitasking. This is helped further with the rise of items like swaddle blankets which make the multitasking so much easier!

They said that once a woman becomes a mom, she gets an upgrade. She will turn into mommy mode and will inevitably learn how to juggle endless combinations of chores, teamed up with crying babies, persistent children, a career, and a whole house to manage. Multitasking to moms has become both a blessing and a curse.

So how do moms do it without going down with the pressure, compromising anything or predisposing something to error?

The answer: Priorities


A mom knows by instinct which tasks they should focus their energy on. A mother can autopilot the main chore. For instance, before dinner, a mother doesn’t just cook. During the preparation interval, like waiting for the water to boil or for the food to a simmer, the mom is wise enough to squeeze in other pending tasks. She can empty the garbage bins, set the table, tend to the babies, and answer emails. It may seem that mothers’ workload never stops, but in reality, they are just productive enough to juggle pendant chores. Because a mother knows what to do first and give an important chore the focus it deserves.

A multitasker-supermom can handle everything by proper planning. This won’t mean interruptions won’t happen periodically. But a priority-centered plan helps moms manage the most important things first while taking the anticipated needs into consideration.

Truly by focus and priority, mommies can transform chaos into great family moments.

Thank You, Mom.

47056331614384a952a12491f8bac158What a rough day; your child is suffering from cold and fever and it just hurts you seeing him in pain. You did the laundry of your playful kids. Dishes were done quickly, and you cleaned the whole house. You have a kid that is sick, chores to do, children to be picked up, and dinner to be made for the whole family plus you need to worry about your children’s safety all day. Multi-tasking is known for mothers.

You gave them everything you have, especially your unconditional love. That’s how your day-to-day picture looks like, except that your child, you hope, isn’t in pain every day. Tiring day every day, but as long as you see your children smile and love you more for what you do, there’s nothing more precious to you than that. Each day of being a mom brings us a great sense of fulfillment that shoos the tired atmosphere away. You will do everything every day without being asked, you do it willingly and proudly because you love them with all your heart and soul.

Now, you know the struggles and perks of being one, the feeling of being a mom. You now know what your mother must have felt and go through when you were young. As she watches you every day and night when you were sick, she will never close her eyes unless you’re not in pain anymore. Every girl is thankful to their moms for being the best role model that they’ll be following when the time comes that it is their turn to be a mom.

Your mother did the same thing; she loved you unconditionally. You know she would give everything she has just to give you the best life you deserve. She would do anything to know that you are safe. Now, it is your time to be your own version of a mom. It is high time to thank your mom for showing you exactly how a good mother should be. To my mom, thank you with all my heart. You’re the best.

Embracing Your Battle Scars

We can all agree that stretch marks are one of the ugliest things that can ever happen to a woman’s body during the entire course of a pregnancy. This is why relaxing on the recliner is important. Not too much cooking can help, but using good cookware sets is even better. Make sure to clean the cookware under the faucet after use. Women are naturally more conscious of their body and will want to prevent stretch marks from ever happening. However, if they’ve already got them due to puberty, they will spend more time covering up these areas. Also known as striae gravidarum, these battle scars form when there is sudden weight gain in the body and the skin has trouble adjusting. Within the skin, these collagen fibers and elastin tear apart and as a result, they form scars or stretch marks. You might find yourself asking if your stretch marks are normal.

It occurs in 50-90% of all women. It’s completely normal to find these stretch marks around the arm, hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breast areas. They appear pinkish among light-skinned women and a shade lighter among dark-skinned women. Although these marks won’t do any harm as they come, they are awfully itchy and you might find yourself tempted to scratch them especially if they occur in one or more areas of the body.

If you want to hinder the growth of stretch marks from forming, you might like to try avoiding sudden weight gain, moisturizing your tummy with lotions and/or oils, drinking plenty of water and sticking to a well-balanced diet.

Before you start loathing about this tiny aspect of your body, just remember that these stretch marks resemble the branches of a tree. The tree is one of nature’s most loved plants because aside from it having a strong foundation, it gives life not just to itself but to everyone else around it. This is just one of nature’s ways of telling you that you are that special tree in your baby’s life.

The Not-So-Smooth Journey to Motherhood

We often hear stories that are sugar coated about how beautiful and inspiring motherhood can be. We can always blame movies for portraying that false sense of motherhood. Okay, that’s one side of the story. However, in reality, that isn’t exactly the case since our lives are very much different from the Hollywood scene. Oh yeah, it can get brutal. Here are probably some things you have not heard about when carrying a little one.


No one really tells you how often you have to urinate. Yes, that includes making frequent trips to the comfort room. This can be somewhat annoying especially if you’re trying to get something done like the groceries. Oh, and did we mention feeling extra gassy? When you’re pregnant, don’t be surprised if you find yourself breaking wind from time to time because it’s normal or planning your best shoes for pregnancy. Aside from that, you might be sweating a little more than usual in unusual places like around your face, neck and even between your legs. Blame it on the imbalance of hormones as your body adjusts to giving life to that little thing in your belly. Those are minor things compared to getting haemorrhoids. This happens when a bit of swelling occurs among blood vessels located in the rectal area. Can you imagine something growing out of your butt? Well, not exactly, but it’s a bit of discomfort because they can get painful or itchy at times. Sometimes, it even bleeds. Sorry, if we’ve painted a mental picture already! You might also start experiencing leg cramps during pregnancy.

Nevertheless, all of these symptoms of being pregnant are normal and has happened to every single mother in the world. Now that you cannot unread all of this, go ahead and enjoy what motherhood has in store for you. After all, you’ll never go through an experience quite like the first! If you want to avoid future troubles, your pregnancy should be planned. Things will always flow much smoothly if you’re ready.

Taking Care of Yourself Postpartum

For us mommies, our babies become our top priority from day one. We not only give life to our kids but also have to double as their nanny, housekeeper, chef, launderer, nurse, doctor, counsellor, referee, coach, psychologist, tutor, and number one fan. Taking good care of our children is a fulltime job, and to do this well, we must first take good care of ourselves.

Eat Healthy

This is not new information, but you should never disregard this. One of the reasons I was so excited to give birth was because I could finally eat whatever I want, whenever I want without affecting the baby inside me. Boy, was I wrong. After I gave birth, I still had to watch what I ate because I was breastfeeding my kids. When they grew up, I had to keep plenty of fruits and vegetables in my plate because I had to be a good role model to my children. Of course, it goes beyond this. Being a mother to three kids required a lot of energy; I could not afford to get sick. I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables which boosted my immune system and gave me a lot of energy so I could run around, play, and spend a lot of time with my kids.

Rest and Relaxation

When I first brought my eldest child home, I tried to accommodate every visitor who wanted to congratulate me and see the new bundle of joy. I immediately tried to play the perfect host. For your own sanity, please don’t do this. I ended up tired, cranky, and with a very short stick of patience left. When you’re a new mother, rest as much as you can. The baby will already take up a lot of your time and energy. Don’t worry, your visitors will understand if you need some time catching up on your sleep. No one expects you to be on your feet right away. If you need it, ask for help. Your partner or other family members will be very willing to help you care for the baby while you catch up on much deserved time for yourself. Take a few deep breaths a couple of times a day. Remember, no one is judging you for being human so don’t be afraid to admit that you need help in raising your baby into as perfect a person as you could.

Baby Blues

Babies are one of the greatest blessings. Their smiles could brighten your day and their laugh could be the sweetest melody to hit your ears. However, many mothers feel sad, weepy, and overwhelmed after childbirth. Hormonal changes, anxiety about the baby, and the lack of sleep and rest could affect you emotionally. Be patient with yourself and understand that these are all normal. If, however, you feel the sadness for more than two weeks, then it may be time to see a doctor or a psychiatrist and ask about postpartum depression. Remember that there is no reason to be embarrassed or guilty about this. Let the doctors help you enjoy and bond with your new baby.

Motherhood is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Although it has its tough moments, the love between a mother and her children is ineffable. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy 🙂

The Same Old Mommy Troubles

From the get-go, people have ever-changing identities in the vortex of society. Your individuality keeps getting replaced and modified unless you are a woman carrying a fetus; you may as well be stuck with “mommy” for the rest of your life. It becomes your trademark and there is no way of escaping, let alone hiding from this title. What makes it worse is the fact that the rest of the community turn a blind eye to the rest of the traits of a mother; they are only defined by a tattoo-like label of being a mother. Since it is permanent, everything a mother does would be automatically associated with their “only” title. From “mom” clothes to “mom” talks, you cannot help but picture a woman in comfortable “mom” jeans while nagging her toddlers to keep quiet. Besides that, it is regarded as questionably unconventional for a mother to take pleasure in hobbies like skateboarding but it is normal to sit and read handbooks about good parenting.


Everyone is fed with such stereotypes. This paints a suffocating image of the chains of motherhood where they simply cannot break free and educate the world that they are more than that. In addition, this identity places mothers on an impossible pedestal, expected to be altruistic, superwoman and cease to be a human who has desires and a life to enjoy. They are anticipated to position themselves at the bottom of their priorities while being enslaved to their children, continually running back and forth, trying to fulfill their demands.

Moreover, the pressure forces mothers to juggle the roles of a “fun mom” and a “strict mom”. It is a tragic realization that you are not doing it only for the children but for the public’s eye also since it has no longer become a matter behind closed doors. Highlighting this issue even more, it is a label that is thrown around too casually: the intimacy and value ebbs away at a rapid pace. Take the nickname “sweetheart” as an example, a complete stranger calling you that makes you feel absolutely violated. The same feeling can be applied onto “mommy”.

In pop culture, the portrayal of mothers is quite paradoxical: they are prudish or liberal, stylish or unfashionable. This makes its imprint in the unconscious mind of the mothers to live up to these standards even if they consciously do not bother to do so. Yes, it is quite difficult to reprogram everyone’s minds that into thinking that mothers are not just people with baby carriers strapped to them all the time but they are, too, humans with hopes and dreams. A label like “mommy” is honor and a blessing however mishandling transforms it into a curse.

Three Mompreneurs to be inspired of!

You are probably either a procrastinator or you have not given much thought to entrepreneurship if you find yourself sitting in a chair and still thinking about how to leave the baby alone. Entrepreneurship does not require a free hand all the time if you do what these moms did to become mompreneurs, all while staying the CEO of their household. Read about these three super-mompreneurs who nailed it and be inspired to achieve the desired.

Julie Aigner-Clark

Head_Shot_Aigner_ClarkShe is the stay-at-home mom who made those amazing Baby Einstein videos. Almost all the parents have heard about this line of product and the story of its success over years. This woman with her husband’s support and their initial investment of $18,000 started with the product in 1997. The initial product was a Video Board Book in which a baby Einstein was used pictorially for Language Nursery. I, myself, have seen those Baby Einstein videos and I am sure you will love them! These parents took the opportunity they saw to produce the product that helps in the beginning process of learning for kids. In 1998, the revenues Baby Einstein grew were $1 million and in just a couple of years they went up to $10 million. Then due to the brand’s quality and recognition, the Walt Disney Company bought the product in 2001 for unknown amount. Since then, the value of Julie’s product has multiplied and is heard to be worth $400 million! Julie is now an active speaker and has her own website. It is

Sheila Lirio Marcelo

Sheila_Lirio_Marcelo_headshot-2013Sheila founded her website as an inspiration from herself and as a problem solver to her own problems. As the name of the website suggests, is made for solutions to every problem mothers face regarding caretaking of their children. When Sheila was finding it difficult to look for quality child care solutions she knew that it was not her problem only, and trust me she was right in every aspect. She is a young mother and has two small children; she knew only asking people around for help was not the way to go so she founded in 2006 and it is the largest online care advisory website in the world. 10.7 million Members from across 16 countries look up to it. Not only does Sheila run the website but she is also a speaker, provides leadership training and supports women through every phase of life via her another founded website

Nicole Gleeson

480x960_100_1_c_FFFFFF_1b83e00ea9410b8c112cfc1a83f5e845Nicole’s family is an ambassador family for the March of Dimes because a portion of proceeds of Nicole’s ventures goes to them as one of her babies had gastroschisis. She is a great inspiration for me and should be for other mommy entrepreneurs too. This woman runs the Little Mizz Kit where she provides the visitors with a Kit of five amazing and fun lessons that range from etiquette lessons to dance lessons. She, herself, started little businesses at an early age therefore inspires other girls to do what they want at whatever age they are in.

Inspiration and ideas are infinite! Way to go mompreneurs!

Language Development of Your Baby and How You Should Help

For me, like every other parent, the first words my daughters and son spoke were magical. Every parent put there awaits the first words of their baby and that is, indeed, a really exciting phase. In the first year of baby’s life, I suggest you do not expect too many words as babies only try to put syllables together by using their tongue and mouth in different ways; they do not know the meaning of ‘dada’ if they said it, yet. Parents’ excitement is just but new parents must know about when and how the child learns to speak and what they can do to help them.

Development during the First Year

When the baby is 3 months old, he or she has just started listening to the sounds of music or voices around him. They also look at you while you speak to notice your facial expressions and go over your voice in order to remember. Only when three months of life are completed, babies begin to try cooing sounds. The babbling increases as the fourth and the fifth month arrive. Since ‘mama’ and ‘baba’ are easy words to make up therefore some babies might say it just after they are six months old. However, when they are nine months old, they start understanding your little orders and smiling gestures and may even reply to them. The words they speak now would include more consonant sounds and voices that are longer and of proper tone. They will nod and they will come crawling when you call them. As soon as they reach the age of 1, they mean when they say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ as they now understand who these people are and acknowledge almost everything you tell them to do or not to do. That is when the actual training begins.

How to Train Your Baby to Speak

Language development of a baby is not something difficult for one to help with, a parent naturally starts helping their child talk when they listen to their first, sweet words because who does not want to talk to those little angels they brought in this world?

Here’s a little list of little steps you should take to ensure their proper speech development.

  • Talk to them

Babies will forever keep babbling if they will not listen to you speaking to them or to anybody so resist babbling like them and talk to them. Tell them names of different things, sing lullabies to them or say things you want to say to them making sure they listen.

  • Read Stories

Telling stories to children actually helps as they listen and like the flow of the story, the new characters and they may even remember or start loving a certain character. Initially, the may only seem interested in the pictures with the stories but at the age of 4 or 5 they will be the ones to re-tell those stories to you.

  • Listen

When your child is looking forward to talk to you in whatever language they know, listen to them. Encouragement is a great tool in improving their skills. They will, then, want to speak more instead of just babbling.

  • Reply to Them

Even if you do not understand what they are trying to say, reply with all the energy to let them know you get it, because one day you will actually, properly get it.

  • Help Build Vocabulary

Name things that are around them or things that they like so that they know what is in their hands and what is it called.

Consulting a professional or paediatrician is must if you do not find your child talking normally or too late, although only one in every four children is a late bloomer.

Instructions on Sterilizing Your Baby’s Bottles in Use

During the very first year of their lives, babies are prone to diseases like diarrhoea and thrush because bacteria find it easy to attack their vulnerable immunity system. Therefore, it is ours, moms’ job to keep our babies safe and away from those diseases as much as possible. Providing an environment fully secure is not possible but we can do what we can do. Sterilizing their milk bottles or other bottles is one of the ways to secure safety. Here’s how to do it step by step.

Wash the bottle



Firstly, you have to wash the bottle with soapy water that has not been used before using a brush. Your objective it remove any milk that is dried and left in the corners along with curds so that bacteria do not stick to them. Also, replace the bottle if there is any crack or if the nipple is torn. Be thorough while washing the nipple, turn it inside out to ensure proper cleaning and also wash the cap and ring to which the nipple is attached. Once you are done washing the bottle, rinse out the bottle properly so that no particle of soap remains.


There are various methods to sterilize baby bottles. One can use the electric steam sterilizer that holds up to six bottles at a time and sterilizes as the bottle is placed with its mouth facing downwards. The sterilizer can hold the bottle(s) sterilized for 6 hours.

Microwaves can also be used to sterilize baby bottles. Just start the machine for ninety seconds and done. You can also go for specially designed bottle sterilizers; they take 3 to 8 minutes and the extra cooling minutes. Be careful while opening the lid as they turn hot.

Boiling is another way. Take a pot, boil water in it and submerge the bottle making sure it is of the correct material for boiling water. Cover the lid and let it sterilize for ten minutes.

Cold Water Sterilization can be done by using a sterilizing solution in a lidded plastic container or a special sterilizing bucket. Keep the equipment to be sterilized in the container for half an hour and do read the manufacturer’s instructions if using a sterilizing tablet.

Other Precautions

Disinfect your hands while taking the bottle out from sterilizer before use and clean the inner surface to be used then. Do not take the bottle out of the sterilizer unless it is time to use it.


How to Make for Your Baby Hygienic, Tasty Food

Babies can be given little amount of solid food when they turn four to six months old. You can give them both homemade and jarred food or a mixture of them but it is safer to make their food yourself as hygiene is assured and money is saved as well. As a mother, I also suggest that you give them homemade food by preparing it yourself. You only have to know what foods your baby eats and which ones he or she should not. Choose ripe and fresh produce that is also organic and go on with it.

Making Baby food can be a new experience and you may need to know more about the equipment you should use and the steps you should follow to make it. Here’s how to.

Equipment Suggested

When it comes to making baby food, you will find a variety of ways to make it and several electric or nonelectric equipments to make it in. For example, you can go for the All in One Baby Food Maker that is a perfect and easy gadget. It first steams the fruit, vegetable or meat you put in then makes its puree. Purees are the most suitable form of food for babies of the age of four to six months as they do not have teeth but can swallow it. This baby food maker also had the facility of heating or frosting the food you make, although you should not refrigerate the leftovers, not unless you properly cover them. There is also a nonelectric food grinder which is portable and inexpensive; it breaks down food into chunks although does not give a choice of textures. While what we call the Hand Turned Food Mill comes with different kinds of blades that cut the food in smaller chunks and in different textures; parents love it as it is both portable and easy to use.

You can also use your food processor or blender that you regularly use in the kitchen if it is clean and free of any smell. Besides, there are many hand blenders that can be utilized for your purpose. If not these equipment then you are free to simply use a fork and a container to mash fruits or vegetables and then puree them some other way.

How to make Baby Food

Until the baby is seven or eight months old, I suggest you only give them single ingredient food. As said above, you can puree it or mash it in a container. Here’s what you should exactly do.

  • Wash the fruit or vegetable and peel any skin off of it.
  • Before steaming them, cut or chop them into pieces not bigger than an inch.
  • Steam the food for five to ten minutes until it becomes soft.
  • Puree that steamed food in a food processor until you get a smooth texture.
  • If you are cooking meat, make sure you cook it to the correct internal temperature so that no bacteria are left.
  • Finally, strain the pureed food through a strainer to exclude any chunks of food left.

Avocado puree

Following these instructions, you can make any puree like Avocado puree or Strawberry puree, only if your baby likes it.

Some other things you need to take care of is the temperature of the food; it should not be more than room temperature, do not add extra sugar, honey or corn syrup, stir the food properly if you microwave it and if refrigerated, shift them into plastic bags from the containers when frozen. When using the frozen food, defrost it over night in warm water and there you go, you can now use it.