Motherhood is one of the most blessed ranks that exist in this world, and nobody besides mothers can understand how it is like to be at that rank. I, myself, am a mother of three and the blogger of this website. I have been blessed with two daughters and a son and I have spent my life looking after them. ‘Looking After’ is a small and not-so-good phrase for what mothers do and go through. Understanding that fact, I write for this blog of mine; to help mothers like me, not like me, and those looking forward to be like me.

We, mothers, may be a lot different from each other and may not agree on some things related to our children but there is always one thing that connects us together, and that is the love we have for our babies and the effort we put in their lives, to nurture them. I believe in it thus I write about it. I write about anything and everything I feel like sharing with fellow-mothers, to provide them with the know-how of certain things they may not have gained yet and to share my experiences of something nice or even something bad so as to warn them.

This blog is completely dedicated to mommies, whether stay-at-home mommies, working mommies or work-at-home mommies. I know how nice it feels to share experiences with another mother, to learn the differences of nature between their children and mine, and to tell them what my kids like and love. Challenges will never leave your way no matter what aspect of life but I assure you that in motherhood, all the challenges are way more challenging, yet way sweeter.

My two girls and a boy are now grown up and I have done everything I could do to bring them up in the nicest way possible, or at least I think like that. I know so much about how to take care of a child, how to bring them up, how to stay their best friend and how to make a nice person out of them that I feel like I will explode keeping all the information in me. Every mother knows a million things, has a million experiences that she wants to share and for that sole purpose, I write this blog. You will discover informative stuff and nice-to-read experiences here that will leave you either smiling or more determined than ever.