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Finally we know that DJ (in case you don't know, the little bun in my tumtum is named DJ by our pretty Ate, Ate Peaches) is a girl! After 4 ultrasound, DJ finally showed she's a girl! So it's girl power in our house and Troy couldn't be happier. We all are! So what follows after knowing your … [Continue reading]

Kumon To Make Your Child Grade One Ready


Is it just me or most Moms are wondering how Grade One lessons these days are waaaayy out of our "old" Grade one lessons? Peaches is turning Grade 1 this coming school year and though I'm confident she'll go through it with flying colors, I wanted to give her some push in advance. I opted to … [Continue reading]

Tips In Getting DTI Business Name Registration


Business name registration is the first step in doing your business right. Here are few tips of my own when I registered my new business with … [Continue reading]

Yaya Chronicles

preparing food

If I've started them few months back, I would have created an entire book! Okay just to be clear, I'm not writing this to belittle anyone. I'm … [Continue reading]

28 Weeks: Wiggly Baby in My Womb


I'm on my 28th week and our baby DJ has gone from gentle flutter to vigorous kicking and punching. Sometimes (mostly at night) I feel DJ shivering or … [Continue reading]

Cruises — The Ultimate Family Holiday?


Cruises may traditionally be a holiday choice for the older generations, but these days they’re becoming increasingly popular with families. The key … [Continue reading]

San Miguel Food Club Culinary Workshop For Kids


Are you looking for a culinary workshop for your kids this summer? San Miguel Food Club is having a culinary workshop for kids age 6-12 years … [Continue reading]

What’s Your Family’s 2014 Summer Getaway?


I have a few fun summer activities slated for the family this year. I know I'm pregnant and about to explode but I feel fine and I feel like it … [Continue reading]

PLDT HomeBroPanalo Mall Tour Thrilled Mall Goers


The PLDT group has been quite busy the past few days. I’ve been seeing their mall promos and mall launching here and there. In fact just last weekend, … [Continue reading]

Proudly Pride Mom: Pride Detergent Powder Review


Years back when it was just me and my husband, I never really paid much attention to the powder detergent we used at home. For me it was just all the … [Continue reading]

Stepping into a Whole New TV Revolution at Home


We all can’t deny that television and the awesome shows we watch from it is one of the reasons why we sit together as family and watch our family’s … [Continue reading]

Gift from a Sweet Friend


[Continue reading]

Free Seminar for Entrepreneur from DTI Philippines


I'm in the process of acquiring license and registration for my new business and I chanced upon a very helpful FREE training/workshop from DTI. It's … [Continue reading]

Valetine’s Day Promo from SM Accessories


Hey Dads and Boyfies! It's the LURVE month and a great occasion to give your lovely ladies some shining shimmering jewelries. Head to any SM … [Continue reading]

Manage Your Home & Your Family with PLDT Home Bro

PLDT Home Bro

In our home it’s always family first. We've come to know this by heart and it has been our guiding principle every single time. As young as our … [Continue reading]