Three Mompreneurs to be inspired of!


You are probably either a procrastinator or you have not given much thought to entrepreneurship if you find yourself sitting in a chair and still thinking about how to leave the baby alone. Entrepreneurship does not require a free hand all the time if you do what these moms did to become … [Continue reading]

Language Development of Your Baby and How You Should Help


For me, like every other parent, the first words my daughters and son spoke were magical. Every parent put there awaits the first words of their baby and that is, indeed, a really exciting phase. In the first year of baby’s life, I suggest you do not expect too many words as babies only try to put … [Continue reading]

Instructions on Sterilizing Your Baby’s Bottles in Use

Baby holding a baby bottle with breast milk

During the very first year of their lives, babies are prone to diseases like diarrhoea and thrush because bacteria find it easy to attack their … [Continue reading]

How to Make for Your Baby Hygienic, Tasty Food


Babies can be given little amount of solid food when they turn four to six months old. You can give them both homemade and jarred food or a mixture of … [Continue reading]

TEN Moves- What’s Yours?


Finally, individuals have a concrete way to be part of building schools – Building education – Building the nation. Because we owe our children a … [Continue reading]

2010 Korean Horror Film Festival at Shangri-la Cineplex


Shangri-la Plaza hosts a Non-stop Screamfest with 2010 Korean Horror Film Festival. Starting on October 27- 31 and Nov. 2-4 you can bring your … [Continue reading]

Book Review: Max Lucados For Tough Times

Coming soon … [Continue reading]