Supermoms:The Multitasking Wonders of Mothers

So many things to do, so little time. At this day, a lot may boast about doing a lot of things altogether like playing different devices and watching the TV, while doing a bunch of homework. But despite everybody multitasking, nobody can argue that among the different kinds of people across all generations, only the mothers have mastered the art of multitasking. This is helped further with the rise of items like swaddle blankets which make the multitasking so much easier!
They said that once a woman becomes a mom, she gets an upgrade. She will turn into mommy mode and will inevitably learn how to juggle endless combinations of chores, teamed up with crying babies, persistent children, a career, and a whole house to manage. Multitasking to moms has become both a blessing and a curse.
So how do moms do it without going down with the pressure,  » Read more about: Supermoms:The Multitasking Wonders of Mothers  »

Thank You, Mom.

What a rough day; your child is suffering from cold and fever and it just hurts you seeing him in pain. You did the laundry of your playful kids. Dishes were done quickly, and you cleaned the whole house. You have a kid that is sick, chores to do, children to be picked up, and dinner to be made for the whole family plus you need to worry about your children’s safety all day. Multi-tasking is known for mothers.
You gave them everything you have, especially your unconditional love. That’s how your day-to-day picture looks like, except that your child, you hope, isn’t in pain every day. Tiring day every day, but as long as you see your children smile and love you more for what you do, there’s nothing more precious to you than that. Each day of being a mom brings us a great sense of fulfillment that shoos the tired atmosphere away.  » Read more about: Thank You, Mom.  »

Embracing Your Battle Scars

We can all agree that stretch marks are one of the ugliest things that can ever happen to a woman’s body during the entire course of a pregnancy. This is why relaxing on the recliner is important. Not too much cooking can help, but using good cookware sets is even better. Make sure to clean the cookware under the faucet after use. Women are naturally more conscious of their body and will want to prevent stretch marks from ever happening. However, if they’ve already got them due to puberty, they will spend more time covering up these areas. Also known as striae gravidarum, these battle scars form when there is sudden weight gain in the body and the skin has trouble adjusting. Within the skin, these collagen fibers and elastin tear apart and as a result, they form scars or stretch marks. You might find yourself asking if your stretch marks are normal.  » Read more about: Embracing Your Battle Scars  »

The Not-So-Smooth Journey to Motherhood

We often hear stories that are sugar coated about how beautiful and inspiring motherhood can be. We can always blame movies for portraying that false sense of motherhood. Okay, that’s one side of the story. However, in reality, that isn’t exactly the case since our lives are very much different from the Hollywood scene. Oh yeah, it can get brutal. Here are probably some things you have not heard about when carrying a little one.

No one really tells you how often you have to urinate. Yes, that includes making frequent trips to the comfort room. This can be somewhat annoying especially if you’re trying to get something done like the groceries. Oh, and did we mention feeling extra gassy? When you’re pregnant, don’t be surprised if you find yourself breaking wind from time to time because it’s normal or planning your best shoes for pregnancy. Aside from that,  » Read more about: The Not-So-Smooth Journey to Motherhood  »

Taking Care of Yourself Postpartum

For us mommies, our babies become our top priority from day one. We not only give life to our kids but also have to double as their nanny, housekeeper, chef, launderer, nurse, doctor, counsellor, referee, coach, psychologist, tutor, and number one fan. Taking good care of our children is a fulltime job, and to do this well, we must first take good care of ourselves.
Eat Healthy
This is not new information, but you should never disregard this. One of the reasons I was so excited to give birth was because I could finally eat whatever I want, whenever I want without affecting the baby inside me. Boy, was I wrong. After I gave birth, I still had to watch what I ate because I was breastfeeding my kids. When they grew up, I had to keep plenty of fruits and vegetables in my plate because I had to be a good role model to my children.  » Read more about: Taking Care of Yourself Postpartum  »

The Same Old Mommy Troubles

From the get-go, people have ever-changing identities in the vortex of society. Your individuality keeps getting replaced and modified unless you are a woman carrying a fetus; you may as well be stuck with “mommy” for the rest of your life. It becomes your trademark and there is no way of escaping, let alone hiding from this title. What makes it worse is the fact that the rest of the community turn a blind eye to the rest of the traits of a mother; they are only defined by a tattoo-like label of being a mother. Since it is permanent, everything a mother does would be automatically associated with their “only” title. From “mom” clothes to “mom” talks, you cannot help but picture a woman in comfortable “mom” jeans while nagging her toddlers to keep quiet. Besides that, it is regarded as questionably unconventional for a mother to take pleasure in hobbies like skateboarding but it is normal to sit and read handbooks about good parenting.  » Read more about: The Same Old Mommy Troubles  »

Three Mompreneurs to be inspired of!

You are probably either a procrastinator or you have not given much thought to entrepreneurship if you find yourself sitting in a chair and still thinking about how to leave the baby alone. Entrepreneurship does not require a free hand all the time if you do what these moms did to become mompreneurs, all while staying the CEO of their household. Read about these three super-mompreneurs who nailed it and be inspired to achieve the desired.
Julie Aigner-Clark
She is the stay-at-home mom who made those amazing Baby Einstein videos. Almost all the parents have heard about this line of product and the story of its success over years. This woman with her husband’s support and their initial investment of $18,000 started with the product in 1997. The initial product was a Video Board Book in which a baby Einstein was used pictorially for Language Nursery. I, myself, have seen those Baby Einstein videos and I am sure you will love them!  » Read more about: Three Mompreneurs to be inspired of!  »

Language Development of Your Baby and How You Should Help

For me, like every other parent, the first words my daughters and son spoke were magical. Every parent put there awaits the first words of their baby and that is, indeed, a really exciting phase. In the first year of baby’s life, I suggest you do not expect too many words as babies only try to put syllables together by using their tongue and mouth in different ways; they do not know the meaning of ‘dada’ if they said it, yet. Parents’ excitement is just but new parents must know about when and how the child learns to speak and what they can do to help them.
Development during the First Year
When the baby is 3 months old, he or she has just started listening to the sounds of music or voices around him. They also look at you while you speak to notice your facial expressions and go over your voice in order to remember.  » Read more about: Language Development of Your Baby and How You Should Help  »

Instructions on Sterilizing Your Baby’s Bottles in Use

During the very first year of their lives, babies are prone to diseases like diarrhoea and thrush because bacteria find it easy to attack their vulnerable immunity system. Therefore, it is ours, moms’ job to keep our babies safe and away from those diseases as much as possible. Providing an environment fully secure is not possible but we can do what we can do. Sterilizing their milk bottles or other bottles is one of the ways to secure safety. Here’s how to do it step by step.
Wash the bottle

Firstly, you have to wash the bottle with soapy water that has not been used before using a brush. Your objective it remove any milk that is dried and left in the corners along with curds so that bacteria do not stick to them. Also, replace the bottle if there is any crack or if the nipple is torn. Be thorough while washing the nipple,  » Read more about: Instructions on Sterilizing Your Baby’s Bottles in Use  »

How to Make for Your Baby Hygienic, Tasty Food

Babies can be given little amount of solid food when they turn four to six months old. You can give them both homemade and jarred food or a mixture of them but it is safer to make their food yourself as hygiene is assured and money is saved as well. As a mother, I also suggest that you give them homemade food by preparing it yourself. You only have to know what foods your baby eats and which ones he or she should not. Choose ripe and fresh produce that is also organic and go on with it.
Making Baby food can be a new experience and you may need to know more about the equipment you should use and the steps you should follow to make it. Here’s how to.
Equipment Suggested
When it comes to making baby food, you will find a variety of ways to make it and several electric or nonelectric equipments to make it in.  » Read more about: How to Make for Your Baby Hygienic, Tasty Food  »